StrongSchoolsNC: Help Keep Our Students in the Classroom

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Free, school-based testing for COVID-19 is an important layer of protection to keep our children in the classroom. Testing in schools helps us quickly detect COVID-19 and reduce the risk of further spread. And providing testing at school ensures every student has easy and convenient access to testing services. 

That’s why the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) is partnering with local school districts, charter schools and private schools to ensure every North Carolina school has the resources it needs to have a strong COVID-19 testing program. NCDHHS is providing access to testing supplies and trained staff, in addition to funds for public schools to hire additional school nursing staff to help keep our students healthy. 

Every school in North Carolina is strongly encouraged to offer COVID-19 testing. To learn more about your school’s COVID-19 testing program, please contact your school office or check to see if your school is participating in the StrongSchoolsNC testing program. 

Though universal masking in schools is no longer recommended by NCDHHS, some students/staff may choose to wear a mask for an extra layer of protection against the spread of COVID-19. 

It all adds up!