CVMS SMS Terms of Service

  1. These terms and conditions apply to SMS text messages sent by NCDHHS. These messages can be recurring or one-time.
  2. You can cancel the SMS service at any time. Just text “STOP” in response to the text message you received. After this, you will no longer receive SMS messages from that particular short code or long code. If you want to receive messages again, send “START” to the code you previously sent “STOP” to. Message frequency varies.
  3. If at any time you need help, text “HELP” in response to the text message you received. After you send the SMS message “HELP” to us, we will respond with instructions on how to receive help as well as how to unsubscribe.
  4. Data obtained from you in connection with this text messaging service may include your mobile phone number, your carrier’s name, and the date, time and content of your messages, and other information you provide to NCDHHS as part of this service. NCDHHS may use this information to contact you and provide services you request from NCDHHS.
  5. As always, message and data rates may apply for any messages sent to you from us and to us from you. The maximum number of messages per month you will receive will vary based on the services you are receiving, and on your actions. Notifications can be sent for previous and upcoming vaccine related events, such as second dose reminder or potential eligibility for a booster. If you have any questions about your text or data plan, it is best to contact your wireless provider. 
  6. NCDHHS will not be liable for any delays in the receipt of any text messages. Delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator.  Carriers are not liable for delivered or undelivered messages.