Prevent and Protect Media Toolkit

About the Prevent and Protect Campaign

The Prevent and Protect campaign is designed to inform and educate North Carolinians about testing, contact tracing, and preventative measures they can take to protect themselves and their loved ones and help slow the spread of COVID-19.  

The campaign materials are designed to reach a broad audience across North Carolina. The materials are provided in English and Spanish, and the resources reflect the multicultural diversity of North Carolina. This shared, bilingual message will help ensure that our communities are getting accurate, up-to-date information.

About this toolkit

This toolkit includes social media graphics, infographics, video PSAs, signs, flyers, and additional resources. All files are in English and Spanish, and many materials are available with multiple images, messages and formats.  

We encourage you to share campaign materials through your own communications channels and to encourage your partners to share materials as well.  

Just follow these steps to access and share materials:

  1. Review the descriptions of materials in the boxes below.
  2. Click on the materials you would like to access and share.
  3. A Zip file will immediately begin downloading to your computer.
  4. Use your Zip extraction software to open and save the files to your desktop. You can also upload the files to a Google drive or your organization’s shared files.
  5. Share with your community!  

Thank you for your continued partnership as we all work to ensure every North Carolinian has the information and support they need to protect themselves and their loved ones. Together, we will slow the spread.