COVID-19 Vaccine Portal (For Residents)

COVID-19 Vaccine Portal

(Formally known as the COVID-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS) Recipient Portal)

If you have been pre-registered for a COVID-19 vaccination by a health care provider or employer, you can complete your registration through the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal. You can also access your vaccine record through the portal.

For complete instructions about registering for the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal, download the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal User Guide below.

COVID-19 Vaccine Portal User Guide



COVID-19 Vaccine Portal Registration

Who can register in the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal?

People who have been pre-registered by an enrolled North Carolina COVID-19 vaccinating provider or a frontline organization to receive a COVID-19 vaccine can complete the registration process in the Portal.

Do I have to register in the Portal before I get my COVID-19 vaccination?

Pre-registration in the Portal is not required prior to getting a COVID-19 vaccination. However, people who are pre-registered in the Portal are strongly encouraged to complete the register process in the Portal prior to showing up to receive their first dose.

COVID-19 vaccinating providers can assist you with the Portal registration process at the time of your first COVID-19 vaccination.

What happens after I complete my registration?

Completing your registration does not mean that you are currently eligible to be vaccinated or that you have an appointment. All vaccination appointments should be made directly with an enrolled North Carolina COVID-19 vaccinating provider. Visit Find a Vaccine Location to find an enrolled vaccinating provider.

Need Assistance?

If you are attempting to register (or have already registered) in the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal, submit a question, issue or request via the Vaccine Recipient Form.

COVID-19 Vaccine Portal User Guide

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