NC is currently providing vaccinations to individuals in Group 1: Health care workers & Long-Term Care staff and residents; and Group 2: Anyone 65 years or older, regardless of health status or living situation.

This dashboard shows the total number of doses that have been administered by NC providers and through the federal program administering long-term care vaccinations. It is updated Monday through Friday. 

Current vaccines require two doses. Data on people who have received the first dose or both the first and second dose of the vaccine are available by race, ethnicity, gender, and age group and can be filtered by county. Data includes information on the percent of doses administered by demographic categories and information on the percent of the population that has received at least the first dose, or first and second dose, of the vaccine. Data on demographics do not include information on doses that have been administered through the federal long-term care (LTC) facilities program. Data shown are preliminary and may change. There can be a 72-hour lag in data reported to NCDHHS.

NCDHHS applies the following rules to the COVID-19 data dashboards where data is at a county level and includes demographics data:  

  • Data will be stratified by county by one demographic group at a time (ethnicity, race, age group, gender).  
  • Population data sources, as listed in the Data Behind the Dashboards are used to find 'cell denominators' for county populations. Data for any county demographic sub-group that has a population of less than 500, these data will be suppressed for privacy. 
  • For county cell denominators that require suppression, all corresponding demographic data elements are attributed to the 'Suppressed' category. This method allows the display of actual values on the dashboards, while still suppressing which demographic sub-groups the data are attributed to.  
  • Additional data suppression is done for demographic sub-groups that can be discovered by subtracting row or column totals (e.g., if a County has only age group 18-24 that requires suppression, the next two smallest age groups by population are also suppressed).  

‘Missing or Undisclosed’ may include data for people that did not provide demographic information, or where vaccine providers did not submit the demographic information. Numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding.

Percent of population metrics are calculated using the entire North Carolina population (i.e., all ages). The state’s dashboard is the source for the most accurate and timely information for vaccine data for the state. 

North Carolina’s information on people vaccinated comes from the COVID-19 Vaccine Management System (CVMS), a secure, web-based system provided for free to all who administer COVID-19 vaccinations. It helps vaccine providers know who has had a first dose of which vaccine to make sure people get the second dose of the same vaccine at the right time. It also helps people register for vaccination at the appropriate time and allows the state to manage vaccine supply.  First Doses Administered data include all first doses administered, regardless of whether the individual has also received a second dose of the vaccine. Second Doses Administered data include individuals who have completed the vaccine series.

Information on vaccinations is confidential health information that is carefully managed to protect patient privacy. Information will not be shared except in accordance with state and federal law.

Visit for more information on the vaccines and vaccine distribution in North Carolina. 

Tabular data for the COVID-19 Vaccinations Dashboard will be updated on the Data Behind the Dashboards page.