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COVID-19 vaccines are available to everyone 12 and older.

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Getting vaccinated comes with great rewards.

Everyone who gets a tested, safe and effective vaccine is protected against hospitalization and death—and they’re entered into a $1 million summer cash drawing to thank them for protecting themselves and others. There’s also a $25 card for anyone who gets a vaccination—or drives someone to one—at participating vaccination sites.

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Still have questions about COVID vaccines? We've got answers.

Can pregnant women get the vaccine? (Yes.) Can the vaccine give you COVID-19? (No.) There’s a lot to know about COVID-19 vaccines, and you want accurate information. 

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Our complete library of Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions

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Nearly all new COVID-19 cases are in people who are not fully vaccinated, and younger people are making up most of the cases. Unvaccinated people are vulnerable to the more contagious and dangerous Delta variant of COVID-19 that is spreading across North Carolina.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect you and your teen.

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