North Carolina COVID-19 Dashboard

Due to a coding error, some positive results from at-home tests were included as antigen positive cases on the dashboard. Those cases have been removed from case counts, removing 3,974 antigen cases, 89% of which were reported in the past six months. At-home tests are not reportable to public health, but may be reported and recorded by local health departments in some circumstances. These cases are not routinely included on posted case numbers or cases reported to CDC.

The average statewide viral concentration in wastewater published on June 15, 2022 has been adjusted on June 22, 2022 to include retroactive changes in data reported by laboratories since the June 15 publication. 

North Carolina has relied on science, timely data, and key metrics to guide its pandemic response. Because no one metric captures everything, we use a combination of metrics to guide our approach. The most important of these are below.

As trends rise and fall, you can choose to add layers of protection to mitigate your risk. Get tips on layering protection.

Update: This dashboard’s new format launched on March 23, 2022 and will be updated every Wednesday. More about the new design.

For more information on the data shown here and why they’re important, see "These Measures and Why They Were Chosen," below.

CDC COVID-19 Community Levels by County

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Counties with a high risk of illness and strain on the health care system

The Centers for Disease Control assign a community risk level for every county. More info or find your county




These Measures and Why They Were Chosen