Non-Congregate Sheltering

North Carolina has received approval from FEMA to provide sheltering alternatives, such as hotels, motels and dormitories, for North Carolinians with no other safe place to who need to quarantine or isolate in response to COVID-19 or are at high-risk for severe illness from COVID-19. 

FEMA has approved non-congregate sheltering for individuals that:

  • Test positive for COVID-19 and do not require hospitalization but need isolation. This includes those discharged from hospitals.
  • Have been exposed to COVID-19 and do not require hospitalization but should be quarantined.
  • Need to undertake social distancing as a precautionary measure, as determined by public health officials. For high-risk groups such as people over 65 or with certain underlying health conditions (respiratory, compromised immunities, chronic disease), this may include those whose living situation makes them unable to adhere to social distancing.

Local jurisdictions and agencies that plan to use or set up non-congregate shelters and seek reimbursement will be considered sub-applicants. Sub-applicants that may be eligible for reimbursement are:

  • Indian Tribal and local governments
  • Private Non-Profits
  • COC (Continuum of Care)
  • Homeless shelters

Sub-applicants must register in the FEMA Grants Portal and submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) and then submit a Project Application.

All of these local efforts should be closely coordinated with applicable local partners, including cities, housing and public health agencies, homeless Continuums of Care, behavioral health, labor, nonprofit organizations and others with experience servicing this population, other county and tribal departments, and health care departments and providers, inclusive of telehealth options.

Eligible sub-applicants are strongly encouraged to secure hotel/motel rooms and to provide necessary wrap-around services. FEMA will pay 75 percent of the costs associated with operating the non-congregate sheltering program. North Carolina will pay the remaining 25 percent.

Reimbursement and eligible sub-applicants

The hospitality industry and other private-sector partners will be critical in facilitating the non-congregate sheltering program. Businesses such as hotels, motels, colleges, universities and other large-scale facilities that may be able to serve as non-congregate facilities can email


All counties or organizations operating non-congregate shelter must complete a report for each operational site every Friday by close of business.

Complete Report

Additional Information on Non-Congregate Sheltering in North Carolina: 

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