Learn About NCIR

Introduction to NCIR

The North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR) is a secure, web-based clinical tool which is the official source for North Carolina immunization information.  Immunization providers may access all recorded immunizations administered in North Carolina, regardless of where the immunizations were given.

NCIR Training Materials

To get started, review the roadmap and NCIR overview below to get an understanding of the overall process, then refer to on demand training content based on your role.

Roadmap: New Provider Selecting NCIR

NCIR Overview

Pharmacy Training Items

If you are a pharmacy provider, please review the user guide below and complete the following assessment on how to manage COVID-19 vaccine inventory in NCIR.

Pharmacy Inventory Management User Guide

Help Resources

Need assistance? Contact your Regional Immunization Program Consultant (RIC). The RIC Coverage Map with contact information is located on the Immunization Branch Website.

Alternately, you may submit a ticket to the NC Vaccines Help Desk Portal.  

If you would like to speak with a Help Desk agent regarding your inquiry, you may reach us by calling (877) 873-6247. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.