Your COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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At your first vaccination appointment, you should get a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record card that has what COVID-19 vaccine you received, the date you received it, and where you received it. Keep this card safe and take a picture of it as a backup copy.

You may need your Vaccination Record Card:

  • if you get another shot or booster, so your provider can add information about your additional shot.
  • if businesses or employers require proof of vaccination (more info).
  • for some international travel.

A digital photo of your card(s), or printed or digital versions of your vaccine information from your vaccine providers should, in most cases, serve as a valid replacement for the physical paper card.

If You Have Lost Your Vaccination Record Card

Your vaccination provider is usually the best source for your vaccine information. We encourage you to contact them directly.

You do not need your vaccination information to get an updated vaccine. If you don't have your vaccine card, you'll be given a new one, so don't wait: find an updated vaccine near you. 

Your vaccination information may be in the CVMS (COVID-19 Vaccine Management System) Vaccine Portal, if you received your vaccine or booster from a North Carolina pharmacy, grocery store, doctor's office, hospital, health department, or community event:

Access the NC COVID-19 Vaccine Portal

If you were vaccinated outside of North Carolina, or in a military setting or at a tribal or urban Indian health facility, your information will not be available in the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal. Contact your provider directly for vaccine information.

More About Your Vaccine Information

Can businesses or employers require proof of vaccination? (Yes.) Is a printout a valid replacement for a lost card? (Yes.) View answers to these and other Frequently Asked Questions about vaccine information, proof of vaccination, travel and privacy.