Facilities Reporting Test Results

Timely reporting of COVID-19 diagnostic test results is critical to enable NCDHHS and local health departments to track and respond to cases and outbreaks across the state. The information reported keeps the public informed via the NC COVID-19 dashboards and provides input to policymakers at all levels of government. 

Electronic reporting of results saves time, increases accuracy and is generally more complete than manual reporting. It also reduces paperwork for your staff and for public health. Complete, automated reporting of positive and negative results (including specific required fields) is mandated at both the state and federal level.

Getting Started with Automated Reporting

Before You Automate

NCDHHS has procedures for facilities if testing begins before automated reporting can be established. 

Fax positive results to the appropriate local health departments or to NCDHHS - Division of Public Health's secure fax number: 919-733-0490. Both entities will have access to this information in the state surveillance system (NC COVID). Faxed results should contain the required fields listed in guidance for reporting test results. Include a cover letter with facility contact information, contact person, and the number of test results submitted. 

COVID-19 Positive Antigen Lab Test Report is an example format to report positive antigen test results prior to automation.