Getting Started with Automated Reporting

NCDHHS provides four options for facilities to automate reporting results. The information below will help facilities select an approach to automation that fits their needs and capabilities.

  Patient Test Result Portal (eCATR/PTR) COVID-19 Laboratory Data Automation (CLDA) HL7 Based Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR) COVID-19 Centralized ELR Reporters
What is it? Secure web-based tool with a user-friendly interface to input positive and negative COVID-19 test results and associated data. Automated reporting process using a .csv (Comma Separated Value) file format to securely send all positive and negative COVID-19 test results via SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). Automated reporting process using HL7 format to securely send all positive and negative COVID-19 test results. Automated reporting process that allows facilities to send test results to a national hub which routes data based on patient's state of residence to appropriate public health jurisdictions.
Facility Profile Point of care facilities that perform a small number of tests weekly and/or test the same population repeatedly (examples schools, long-term care facilities). Volumes: generally low. Recommended for most testing sites (examples labs, clinics, pharmacies, physicians’ groups). Volumes: medium to high. Facilities that currently report ELR to other jurisdictions OR have a requirement to send to multiple states. Volumes: medium to high. For facilities that need to send to multiple states AND don't have the capacity to build a separate connection for each state (example NHSN). Volumes: high.
IT Resources No central IT support or lab information system  Some technical support to build .csv files (preferably leading to automated generation of files) Previous experience with ELR using HL7 standard and strong technical resources and/or budget to build automated standards-based solution Strong technical resources
Additional Resources

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To register, visit: CLDA Registration Process

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HL7 Guidance for COVID-19

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COVID-19 Centralized ELR