Requesting PPE

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become one of the largest needs across our state during the COVID-19 pandemic. NCDHHS and the NC Department of Public Safety understand organizations across North Carolina are in need of PPE and state government is actively working to help get PPE to those who need it.

State leadership has put together a process for fulfillment of requests for PPE. In developing this process, the state is trying to make sure that those at highest risk of severe clinical disease and workers delivering emergent life-saving services are receiving the PPE they need. This process addresses three groups of prioritization for receiving PPE. In order of priority, those groups are: 

  • Group 1: Acute and Long-Term Care 
  • Group 2: Congregate Care Settings and Health Care/First Responder Agencies 
  • Group 3: Non-Health Care Entities.  

Read the full Guidelines for Allocation of Personal Protective Equipment.    

If your agency or facility is concerned about PPE supplies, a guidance document reviewed by the NC Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division gives strategies for optimizing PPE usage. It outlines options your agency should consider if PPE supplies are limited or unavailable.

If after implementing and exhausting all conservation measures, your health care agency or facility is in critical need of PPE supplies, please go to the corresponding link below to detail those needs for PPE ONLY. If your agency or facility does not fall under EMS, Skilled Nursing, or Hospital, please use the "other health care facility" link.

As a result of severe disruptions in the global supply network, your full request may not be provided due to limited quantities on hand. Requests will be filled as quantities are made available based on the prioritization schedule. If you have questions about how to put in a PPE request, email

These surveys and processes are only for PPE requests. For all other critical public health and safety resource needs, reach out to your Local Emergency Manager.

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