Information for Testing Providers and Partners

This page is for testing providers, partners and community organizations. Trying to find COVID-19 tests near you

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services offers a variety of support options for COVID-19 testing supplies dependent upon the needs of the requesting agency.

Download/Share Testing Fact Sheets, Flyers and Graphics

Free At-Home Rapid Antigen Test Kits

Free COVID-19 test supplies are available to health departments and community organizations for bulk ordering through the Federal Test Distribution Program. This program requires sites to order tests through the Health Partner Order Portal (HPoP):

If your organization was a Community Access Point (CAP), and you've exhausted your supply of tests, here's how to remove your location from our COVID-19 Test Finder Map.

Test Expiration Dates Extended

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extended the shelf-life of some at-home tests. Check test expiration dates here

Here's what to do with expired tests.


For questions related to the Community Access Point (CAP) program or your existing test supply, please check our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us at

State Lab of Public Health (SLPH) Test Kits

Local Health Departments and other partners who plan to submit specimens to the SLPH for analysis can request specimen collection devices directly by emailing Email requests should include the following information: 

  • Site Name 
  • EIN Number 
  • Point of contact details – name, email, and phone 
  • Delivery Address 
  • Number of specimen collection devices needed 
  • Description of how the testing supplies will be utilized 
  • Details about how the collected specimens will be returned to SLPH (i.e., large bulk shipments or smaller shipments) including any additional return shipping supply needs. 

All specimen collection devices requested from the SLPH must be returned to the SLPH for analysis. 

Questions about services offered by the SLPH can be directed to

Bulk Raw Testing Materials

As of August 2022, NCDHHS is no longer supplying bulk raw testing materials such as vials of transport media and nasopharyngeal swabs. Partners in need of bulk raw materials to perform PCR testing for COVID-19 should purchase supplies from a reputable wholesaler. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Tab/Accordion Items

NCDHHS partners with community organizations for free at-home test distribution. 

At Community Access Points, people over the age of 14 can pick up tests. Locations may choose to limit the number of tests available per person, per day. No reporting or documentation is required, and tests must be provided free of charge.

Community Access Points are listed on the COVID-19 Test Finder Map, available to the public to search for free at-home COVID-19 tests available for pick-up.

If your organization can no longer distribute free tests, please fill out this form and select “Remove existing listing(s).” This will remove your CAP listing from the COVID-19 Test Finder Map.

There are flyers, fact sheets and social media graphics available for download in our COVID-19 Communications toolkit.  

Please share the resources on our website including How to Test at Home and our Test Finder Map.

All tests from NCDHHS must be provided for free to the public. Organizations are not allowed to charge residents any fees, charges, or exchange of services for the tests.

  • Store tests in a locked, climate-controlled room with approaching expiration dates visible, so that you can easily access them. 
  • Please check the tests’ expiration dates. Use the tests that are close to expiring first. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) extended the shelf-life of some at-home tests. Check test expiration dates here.
  • The most up-to-date information on storage can be found on the FDA website

Please visit the COVID-19 Test Finder Map

Please use our survey to update a CAP listing. 

There are no reporting requirements for organizations who received FREE COVID-19 At-Home Tests from NCDHHS. All organizations who ordered tests from NCDHHS completed an attestation form stating that they will provide the tests for free in the community. 

If you find that your organization has expired tests after checking the website for extended dating, expired tests may be disposed of with regular waste. NCDHHS cannot accept returns of expired tests.

Have questions? We're here to help. 

Contact the Testing and Therapeutics team at