Information for Testing Providers and Partners

This page is for testing providers, partners and community organizations. Trying to find COVID-19 tests near you

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services offers a variety of support options for COVID-19 testing supplies dependent upon the needs of the requesting agency.    

Free Point-of-Care and At-Home Rapid Antigen Test Kits

NCDHHS distributes FREE COVID-19 tests to community organizations that provide free COVID-19 testing in their communities. (Who can order?)

There are three ways to participate. No fees may be collected for testing using any of the options below:  

  • Order FREE at-home tests for your organization: Once your registration has been approved you will receive an email with instructions on how to order tests, which are shipped twice monthly.  
  • Order FREE at-home tests and become a Community Access Point (CAP): Organizations can order free COVID-19 at-home tests from NCDHHS to distribute at fixed locations and events. Learn more about becoming a CAP
  • Order FREE Point-of-Care Tests: Organizations with a CLIA ID can order free Point-of-Care tests to provide free community testing.  

For questions related to the CAP program or rapid antigen test distribution, please submit a ticket to the NCDHHS COVID-19 Testing and Treatment Inquiry Intake Form.

State Lab of Public Health (SLPH) Test Kits

Local Health Departments and other partners who plan to submit specimens to the SLPH for analysis can request specimen collection devices directly by emailing Email requests should include the following information: 

  • Site Name 
  • EIN Number 
  • Point of contact details – name, email, and phone 
  • Delivery Address 
  • Number of specimen collection devices needed 
  • Description of how the testing supplies will be utilized 
  • Details about how the collected specimens will be returned to SLPH (i.e., large bulk shipments or smaller shipments) including any additional return shipping supply needs. 

All specimen collection devices requested from the SLPH must be returned to the SLPH for analysis. 

Questions about services offered by the SLPH can be directed to

Bulk Raw Testing Materials

As of August 2022, NCDHHS is no longer supplying bulk raw testing materials such as vials of transport media and nasopharyngeal swabs. Partners in need of bulk raw materials to perform PCR testing for COVID-19 should purchase supplies from a reputable wholesaler. 

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